About Dagbe!

Dagbe is a cloud-based web community platform developed by EveryBuilder that can be accessed online, by mobile, and desktop. Anyone may join Dagbe for free (at no cost) to get access to personal on-the-go web site builder, email, peer-to-peer payment processor, and more on the go services.



Dagbe on-the-go web site builder allows you to create web sites with no coding experience. Add functionality using plug-ins called "echo" to add text, music, video, photos, background, color, to your website. Sample "echo" #plugin#color:blue will add a blue background to your website. Plug-ins can be sent by SMS to DAGBE for web community on the go!


Dagbe allows you to share music and files with friends and family. When you join, you get a free Dagbe email address, you@dagbe.net, to use to send and receive emails. Bundled in Dagbe is a private messenger to chat with friends in the community. Share your listing such as rental, jobs, sale, item or service wanted, or crowdfunding request with the web community and wait to see instant responses. Best of all, Dagbe allows you to send and receive funds and to buy goods and services with your Dagbe wallet.

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